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Yo guys. Sorry for the uber long absence. I'm really not that active anymore, having a full time job leaves me almost no time for personal artwork. BUT! I still work in the game industry and our first game just reached softlaunch! You can download it from either Google play or iTunes

13.9. 2014
Here it is. Marvel as promissed.

31.8. 2014
So I uploaded the stuff I did while I worked at Disney Mobile Prague (RIP) - lots of concepts, buildings, characters etc.

21.6. 2014
I'm really sorry guys for my absence, but I life in a game studio is a busy life. But I did upload some random images I did (not many tho) and also the games I was working on (in "Other" cathegory). Also for those, who would like to see my random scribbles, here is my tumblr link.

14.4. 2012
New update - Javik in digital art category

31.3. 2012
Update in black/white and digital category. I don't have much time for art tho. My job keeps me busy.

31.1. 2012
New update with a new pic C: and of course it's nothing else than a monster.

2.10. 2011

22.9. 2011
Double update today. First one of my neglected characters - one of Icewalker's generals (still nameless) and second a fancy charger from L4D2. Splendid!

6.9. 2011
Sallos, a demon from The Lesser Key of Solomon. Wish I could make it into a serie.

26.8. 2011
Red dragon added. Inspired by the almighty Stjepan Sejic aka Nebezial.

21.8. 2011
Study. Reference photo used.

16.8. 2011
Speedpaint of Imperialdramon.

5.8. 2011
Speedpaint of Raidramon.

4.8. 2011
Oh look, I made sum Cybertron stuff from our fanverse.

1.8. 2011
The dead knight - I pulled one of my old characters out of my messed up brain. Dead - check, cursed - check, total asshole - double check. What can I say? I like weird heroes.

21.7. 2011
Executioner - made of pure TROLOLO.

15.7. 2011

9.7. 2011
I guess it doesn't matter anymore so here it is. Depression strikes back. Sigh.

7.7. 2011
Few creature designs. Also I have a new 24" monitor/TV.

12.6. 2011
I just went TROLOLO and finished an art trade I owed.

8.5. 2011
First anthro shark done. There will be more. Plus added figural drawing, portrais of my former classmates and watercolor stuff. Enjoy

6.5. 2011
Experimenting with character design. Also uploading something I forgot.

31.3. 2011
Play a game now

18.3. 2011
Just some updates.

19.1. 2011
Some activity, oh noes! A future banner for a certain website. Maybe.

28.10. 2010
Found this older sketch of Thane from Mass Effect 2. Originally done for a meme.

10.10. 2010
Oh god, I found some old junk XD can be found in pencil, black/white and watercolors. Why? Because I have nothing new :/ Oh and the portraits are my classmates....and my own lol (guess which one :/)

21.9. 2010
Finaly. I made the english version as well :)